About HobbyHund

HobbyHund is an online store with roots from Norway specialized for households with dogs.

Our mission is to offer dog families a wide range of quality and value with a vision to contribute to a richer dog life.

The mission

Excellence for Dog Families Worldwide

Our global expansion marks a new chapter in our story. From dog harnesses and cozy beds to a plethora of accessories, we’ve curated a collection that speaks volumes of our commitment to quality and innovation. Each product is designed with the welfare and happiness of your canine companions in mind, mirroring the robust, yet elegant essence of our Norwegian roots.

The culture

Dog families comes first

Our dog family is our customers. The dog people are HobbyHund, and HobbyHund is working hard to become part of the dog people. We value and listen to all feedback, both positive and negative – which are our building blocks towards becoming #1 on accessibility and #1 in the hearts of the dog people. We seek to inspire, help and positively surprise in line with the vision of contributing to a richer dog life.

The company

Competent team with a passion for dogs

HobbyHund.no is operated under the company Canine Technologies AS from the company’s office premises in Oslo.

The team currently consists of people with professional experience in product development, IT, marketing, finance and logistics.
Everyone in the team has a common denominator: they have a passion for dogs, and either have a dog in their own household or have grown up with a dog.

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